Tiny I-Tips

£70 per bundle.
Hair Lasts Up to 18 Months 

2-8 bundles normally required

Flexible Nanos

£70 per bundle.
Hair Lasts Up to 18 Months

2-6 bundles normally required


£90 per bundle.
Hair Lasts Up to 18 Months 

2-4 bundles normally required

Seamless Tapes

£100 per bundle.
Hair Lasts Up To 6 Months

1-3 bundles normally required


Maintenances & Removals

Maintenance Check

Includes a health check of the natural hair & scalp, removal and reapplication of any strands required, reapplication of any strands lost, plus cut (if requested) and style. (normally a one hour appointment)

£30 per hour

Nano & I-Tip Refits

Includes full removal, re tipping of all strands, reapplication with new beads, cut and style. 

£30-£40 per bundle

Tape Refits

Includes removal of all extensions, wash and blow dry of natural hair, wash and blow dry of extensions, retaping, reapplication, cut and style. 

£50-£55 per bundle


Includes removal of any method. 

£30 per hour


Clip Ins

Initial Set

Our clip ins are 20" double drawn 125g sets. They are seamless weft therefore they do not shed and they lie completely flat to the head. 

Packaged with a free branded garment bag and hanger and comes with a free colour matching service

£99.95 - £108 per set

Application, cut & style

Includes free colour match, a demo, application, cut and style.



Includes free colour match, a demo, application in an upstyle.





A bond multiplier treatment for the natural hair. Think of this treatment as insurance for the hair. As your hair breaks from daily use of products, heat styling, washing and colouring - this product works to repair that breakage and reconnect the broken bonds. A true miracle and there is none other like it. 

£30 stand alone treatment NO1 & 2
£45 with extensions (stand alone)
£25 mini olaplex NO2
£15 with colour NO1 

Cocktail Treatment

Using advanced technology, we assess the natural hair and make up a cocktail to treat this issues required. 

Whether you are lacking moisture, elasticity, protein or shine - we can make the cocktail for you. 

£10 added on to any colour or wash and blow dry service. 



To book in for a free consultation, colour match or any of the above services - please click the link below to be taken to our online booking form.