'Our Colour Blending Technique' - how we custom colour blend our hair extensions

At The Hair Extension Hub we have a special method that we can use to make your colour match flawless. This has set us apart from other salons and continues to enable us to achieve better results for all of our clients, no matter what colour hair you have!

Rather than always using hair from packets that are pre-defined, one dimensional colours, we instead take different bundles of our beautiful high quality remy hair and mix them together to blend a custom colour for each individual clients needs. This means the hair extensions match your hair on a microscopic level and each tone is matched to perfection.

When you come to the salon you can see this happening right in front of you and you will be able to decide whether you want us to go ahead and then place the strands of hair strategically for a perfect blend, or maybe you want to adjust the colour – brighter on top, darker underneath etc… it is all in your control while you are in the salon chair!!

We give you truly bespoke customised hair extensions.

In this particular instance we have chosen not to share a demonstration video as our technique is our secret weapon. But we have posted a little photographic example on what the three shades looked like 'straight out of the packet,' to what they looked like when evenly mixed together by hand.

If you would like to seek further information regarding this then please feel free to book an appointment in one of our salons.

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