How we create natural looking hair extensions

When it comes to growing, cutting and customising your own hair one of the main factors that most clients want to achieve is a natural look. When it comes to choosing the right set of hair extensions for you then this desire becomes even more paramount. We like to believe that we know what our clients really want, as it seems to be the same across the board. Something that is comfortable, discrete, easy to maintain, cost effective and natural! This blog post will talk you through some of the things that we do to ensure that you receive the most natural looking set of hair extensions that you have ever had. Firstly, we are a specialist salon, supply store and training academy meaning that all of our stylists have been expertly trained by the very best in the industry. This ensures that all of our clients are equipped with the very best of first hand knowledge regarding everything hair extension related. All of our clients can then make an informed decision ensuring that the hair extensions they choose are natural looking and of the very highest standard.

We choose to continually work with the highest quality hair extensions available in the market. We have a wide colour selection giving our clients an array of highlighted, mixed and multi-tonal shades; which is essential for a natural looking appearance.

Our hair extensions are placed strategically to give a perfect match and blend whilst ensuring each strand is comfortable, discrete and seamless. All of our hair extension services are finished with a cut and style making them even more seamlessly blended for a completely natural looking set of hair extensions that will last for many refits. Furthermore, if required we can take more steps to ensure that each clients set of extensions is completely unique and customisable. We can hand make some of our extension strands in store and apply them with a more bespoke attitude throughout your appointment. Need 0.8g strands at the back and 0.5g strands at the front? Need a mix of three shades perfectly blended into one to look like really fine highlights? Need lighter tones at the front to mimic your pre lightened sun kissed highlights? Need a mixture of two methods - ie tapes at the back and invisi-bonds at the front? Need a mixture of all of the above? No problem. Here at the hair extension hub we pride ourselves on treating each client as an individual and working hard to eliminate the 'one size fits all,' mentality that exists in the hair extension industry. If you want to see more information on how we truly mix our shades to create fully customisable, natural looking hair extensions then click here. Our Colour Blending Technique

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