Hair Extension Aftercare - How to care for your hair extensions


Please take the time to read our aftercare advice thoroughly. It is extremely important that you and/or your clients follow the advice we give you to maintain and prolong the life of your extensions and protect your natural hair.


  • Wait at least 48hours before washing your hair. This allows the extension bonds to fully harden and settle in your hair.

  • Try to limit washing your hair to twice a week. You can use dry shampoo in between.

  • Brush hair throughly before washing to remove any knots and tangles. Brush from the bottom to the top using your hands to support the roots of your natural hair.

  • Use keratin hair extension shampoos and conditioners to prolong the life of your new hair.  We love Olaplex’s full range of products. A great alternative is Aussie. (Shampoo, conditioner & 3 min miracle deep conditioning treatment)

  • Always wash in the shower with your head tilted back. Don’t wash over the bath or sink as extensions and bonds can tangle.

  • When shampooing, scrub and build the lather at the top of your hair and smooth the shampoo down the extensions. You do not need to apply shampoo to the extension hair directly. Do NOT scrub the extensions or massage the bonds.

  • Apply conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends. NEVER apply conditioner to the bonds/tape when washing as they will slip significantly and will have to be removed.

  • Rinse thoroughly


  • Do not leave hair to dry naturally as the moisture will soften your bonds causing them to come out, it will also create “fluffing up” of the extensions. Heat seals the cuticle on the extension hair creating a nice sleek finish, so extensions should always be blow dried then straightened/curled if desired. 

  • Always use a thermal heat protector before blowdrying, straightening or curling your hair.

  • Do not pull on extensions during the blow-drying process.

  • Apply a leave in conditioner when hair is wet and again when blowdried. It is recommended to spray leave in conditioner every night and morning to ensure a sleek appearance and to protect your natural hair.

  • Always use a low heat setting on your hairdryer when blow-drying near the roots to avoid over heating the bonds, heat will cause the keratin to soften and the bonds may then slip and come out.

  • Your natural hair may dry much more quickly than the extension hair. Pay careful attention to this when blowdrying to prevent drying out the natural hair. Use oils, heat protector and leave in conditioning sprays


  • Always be careful with hair straighteners as they can melt the keratin/tape if you get too close. Always use a heat protector spray designed for extensions.

  • When brushing, support the extension hair at the root. Brush the ends, work up to the mid-lengths & finally glide over the root. Only use the brush recommended. (We can provide a suitable brush for £10)


  • Plait or tie back in a low pony tail before sleeping.

  • NEVER sleep with your hair wet


  • When playing sport, tie your hair in a loose, side pony tail or plait. 

  • Avoid swimming if possible. Salt water and chlorine will dry out the extensions and may cause the bonds to expand and become loose. If swimming, always wear a cap and avoid getting your hair wet.


  • Your natural hair sheds between 100-150 strands a day. This process still happens when wearing extensions, but instead of the strands going into your brush everyday it gets trapped in the extension bonds.

  • When you lose bonds, or when you get them removed professionally, it may seem like you are losing a lot of hair. This in fact is just the build up of naturally shedded hair over the 3 month period. This is where the misconception starts that hair extensions are damaging to your hair. They do not damage your hair in anyway if they are applied and taken care of correctly. 

  • Do not PICK at your bonds. Have them removed professionally by us. If you pick at the bonds you risk snapping your own natural hair.

  • If dyeing your hair, only colour t-bar & hairline. Do not put chemicals or hair dyes near the bonds/tape as they may soften and come out.

Please note

  • Itching can occur at first. This is normal due to the fact that your natural hair is getting used to the extra added weight. This should settle within a few days but if it continues, try switching to a mild/baby shampoo for your next 2-3 washes. Itching can also occur if you are not rinsing the shampoo out of your hair thoroughly.

  • Remember hair is not attached to the scalp so it is not getting the goodness it needs. Make sure you use heat protection spray and leave in conditioner etc. (avoiding the roots)

  • Attend a maintenance appointment around 4-6 weeks after fitting. Maintenance appointments will prolong the life of your extensions, keep them looking fabulous and prevent any damage to your natural hair.

Make contact if you have any questions or concerns and we will do our best to sort any problems.

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