Coronavirus - What to do to maintain your hair extensions at home

No matter which type of hair extensions you wear, the way in which you look after your extensions is essential in maintaining the hair and keeping it in the best possible condition. This article explains how to look after your natural hair and extensions at home during the coronavirus isolation period. For our full generic hair extension aftercare advice please click here. All of our hair extension clients know the importance of maintaining their hair properly and they have been absolutely golden in turning up for their maintenance appointments, following the advice given and truly taking the best possible steps to maintain not only their extensions, but their natural hair too. It breaks my heart knowing how they now have absolutely no choice but to skip maintenance appointments or attempt a DIY job at home. I have thought long and hard this week over what advice to give them, and what would be the best possible steps moving forward. I have seen some salons send out videos and instructions on how to remove and reapply the hair extensions themselves. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS. At first I considered doing the same, but after taking a few days to pause and tap into my hair extension intuition I have been able to think of multiple reasons why this is a bad idea. That is not to say that what other salons are doing is wrong. We all have our own way of running our businesses and maintaining our own set of clients. But as a hair extensions educator I have seen first hand how even our students within our training academy have made mistakes that could have negative repercussions on their clients hair. These mistakes are being made during one to one training sessions, in a professional environment and with the adequate amount of resources to carry out the service properly. I can only imagine the errors that may happen if clients without the proper training carry out this service themselves. Breakage galore, tension spots on the head, ruined hair extensions and maybe a bit of a mess that will take time and effort to correct once this virus has passed and life returns to normal. Here at The Hair Extension Hub, we do always recommend sticking to our guidelines for when hair extensions should be removed. 12 weeks for anything bonded or beaded, and 8-10 weeks for anything taped or weaved. Going over this time scale can have a detrimental effect on the roots of your natural hair due to tension and in normal circumstances we would press for our clients to book an appointment within this recommended time frame. HOWEVER - in saying that, if I had to choose between clients keeping their hair extensions in for a longer period of time OR removing the extensions themselves then I would definitely advise to keep them in. Keeping the hair extensions in for longer than the recommended time will unfortunately put a bit of tension on the roots of the natural hair. Over extended periods of time this can snap and cause the breakage that we have been trying to avoid. THE GOOD NEWS - If we build the strength of the roots up as much as possible over this time it will likely result in a more positive outcome. If the roots of your hair are strong and full of elasticity and proteins then the weight of your extensions wont cause as much of an issue. HOW TO ENSURE THIS; Treatments on the roots Taking your vitamins (Zinc, B's, Folic Acid & Biotin in particular) & Staying really well hydrated! As always I recommend the incredible product - Olaplex. This is a product that reconnects broken bonds within the hair, resulting in much stronger strands. Olaplex is one of a kind with patented technology and truly works wonders. Number 1 and 2 is an in salon treatment. Number 3 is an 'at home' treatment and is simply a diluted version of number 2. And numbers 4, 5, 6 and 7 is a range of shampoo, conditioner, smoothing cream and an oil. 1, 2 and 3 are the miracle workers, and do most of the work to actually build and maintain the strength of the hair. As I have an abnormal supply of the Number 2 in my home, I would be happy to make sample packs of this and sell them to clients for a lower price than the weaker 'retail version' Number 3. Number 2 isn't typically for non professional use however with everything that is going on I do want to offer some kind of a solution to all of my beloved clients to take them through this difficult stage. The RRP - Number 3 (weaker version) = £32 for 100mls My offer - Number 2 (stronger version) = £28 for 90mls including postage - less than one maintenance check up appointment and will provide enough for multiple applications. These will be made up in cute, on brand pink or mint green travel sample kits with an easy applicator to apply directly to the roots of the hair. If anyone is interested in purchasing a kit from myself then please send the £28 to the following link and put your address in the notes! Delivery should arrive for all orders within 4 days. Full instructions on how to apply will also be sent upon receipt of payment We hope you are all well, staying at home and staying sane! We honestly cannot wait to be reunited with you all soon. Take care. Lots of love - Zoe

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